All Black Solar Panel Recommendations

I am interested to know what all black solar panels are available in South Africa, preferably with a Matt rather than gloss finish. Can anyone recommend all black panels that i could consider for my residential installation where aesthetics are important. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

We dont really have All black panels. But ask us if we have Springbok Panels. Different story…

Sorry cant give any advice on the solar panels other than the above!!!

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I did a quick search… lots of options

There are also panels that don’t have the aluminum edge attached.
I saw these at a wine farm so forgive me if the wine had affected by perceptions…
A very neat stand alone installation with the panels cheek by jowl.

Yes, I have such all black panels. Looks really good on the roof (which is why we got them).

@jykenmynie any chance you can post a pic of the panels on your roof? It seems not all “black panels” are equal and am looking for something specific.Would appreciate a pic and possibly even the spec of your panels.

On the invoice they were described as: JA Solar 320W Mono MBB Percium Half-Cell All Black MC4
@JacoDeJongh supplied them, but this was 3 years ago, so not sure if you still get these. You do seem to get similar ones, just much bigger.

Here’s an old pic I found:

We have subsequently painted the roof charcoal, and I think the panels look really good on that. I can try to take a picture if you need another.

Hi @jykenmynie, thanks so much for the image and details of your installation. Looks really good. Are you perhaps able to send another picture, possibly from a slightly different angle.
I am trying to assess whether or not your panel has more or less of a matt finish to the Titan S Risen all black panel that I have seen and which has appears extremely glossy.
My preferencec would be more of a matt finish which, in my opinion simply looks better. Would appreciate any additional pics you may be able to send.

No worries, I’ll try snap a picture from my front door’s few panels when I get home. Most of my panels are quite deep on behind a pergola, so can’t really get a good picture of easily.

As I’ve mentioned though, not really sure if you can still get these panels I have, or whether the current all black panels from JA Solar has a similar finish, so just keep that in mind…

Here’s two pictures. The glass panel obviously looks different depending on the angle of the sun, but the frame is definitely more matt black.

Thought I’d post a pic of the black panels I’ve recently installed based on the JA panels you mentioned. I think they look pretty slick and are performing really well. JA 405W All Black panels.

Thanks for your input.