Any tips on how to order from them?
Is appears there are a number of vendors that one can deal with for the same item…
Any suggestions on which one to use?

Unless you are willing to pay for Fedex, rather give them a skip. It’s a lot like ebay, items ship from the various vendors, so items from different places come in different shipments. If you don’t select Fedex, it will (or more likely won’t) come via the Post office.

If you can find the item on Banggood and select “South Africa Direct Mail” - that is Buffalo express.

Eh, if its cheap enough that you don’t care if it arrives or not, they great. Be prepared to wait a long time.

I’m using them for some time know. I did more then 20 orders from them in the last 6 months time, from R4000 class A power amp plates to Speaker binding posts and cables and more, no problems so far. The SAPO step up there import game a bit. it takes between 5 to 7 weeks to get to me. Had to 2 items that was here in 28 days. I stay in cape town side so the hold up for us this side is that all stuff enters from JHB airport hub side. They first need to pack a container full before sending it to cape town hub.

In the past they had daily trucks running up and down from jhb to cpt but with the state that SAPO is in, they need cut down on this and need to full a container and send down, but so long everything arrived.

I just placed a R4000 order of bits and parts for my Air cooled motor build. Some of the stuff is already on there way to the airport. I use 3 different tracking programs, and if see it’s scan in at CPT hub, then i drop them a mail quickly and i go pick it up.