AGM battery longevity

I know that everybody is on the lithium battery bandwagon, but…

I was in the Koue Bokkeveld today. Farmer house is offgrid. He has a 24V system (Victron inverter) with eight SonX 260Ah batteries.
Nine years old. His words to me, you have to manage things :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a 260Ah SonX that does duty in my house for the 12V lighting and also used to run 12V fridge which has been replaced with an A+ 220V unit…battery now eight years old. Obviously does not work hard

My main system has eight 150Ah SonX batteries configured to 48V. Now seven years old and still no sign of a downward trend in capacity.

So if you manage them, there are some years to made out of them

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For lead acid batteries the key issue is not to allow a deep discharge. It sounds like that farmer has plenty of battery capacity…