Adding more batteries to existing system (Revov R100)

I have two 5.4 kWh Revov R100’s running off two Sunsynk 5.5kW inverters. The first is about 2 years old, the second battery about a year old (installed when I added the 2nd Sunsynk).

I want to increase my storage by adding another Revov R100 to the system.

  1. Any downside to adding more batteries over time? (with older, but the same model, batteries in place?)
  2. Anything that I need to keep in mind in terms of installation?


Welcome Deon.

That is the nice thing about Lifepo4, you can add more later.

Just confirm with your supplier and Sunsyk, guys here will confirm.

Keep in mind that you have enough panels to recharge the additional banks and that the inverters have the amps to recharge them from like say Eskom if you need.