Adding a Discord plugin to our forum?

Is there any members currently using Discord for other groups/forums/discussions?

i am looking at interfacing our forum with Discord, but only if there is enough users currently using Discord.

It will take a lot of effort and time and I dont want to do it for nothing…

Not me.
I am a believer in if it ain’t broke…
I like this smaller community without all the potential trolls that seem to come with shall we say “wider” social media.


I am on discord, but don’t….

Malware and viruses are the new ‘thing’. Bad actors abuse Discored to spread that sh1t.


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Discord is great but only if its your only point of presence. I think it would be very tough to integrate the forum with Discord. I stand to be corrected but the syncing of posts and the forums in real time … I don’t know.

Maybe there is an API?

Thanks for thinking of this Jaco - would be good to be able to do it but is it worth all the time and effort as you say.

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Yeah, I don’t think it’s worth it, too many avenues. The forum is nicely segmented and searchable.

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Okay, you guys convinced me, I am scrapping the idea…

Thanks for all the inputs…

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if the thought crosses your mind again :wink:

I see where you are going with this, but have you ever seen discord in action?

In my family… many a time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


had a look around once or twice but I am getting to that I am happy in my comfort zone phase (I am even out of principle refusing to switch from internet to app based banking…) → maybe should change my nick to dodo or :sauropod:

but if push comes to shove I will adapt :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree for the forum it might not be the best solution, but I am part of other groups on Discord… What a pleasure if its well maintained.

between what I assume is a fairly busy install schedule, family time and the odd visit to soak some pap on a rusty hook you may want to look into the concept of sleep… :wink:

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Discourse (the forum software) has built-in RSS support. Eg you can just pull this into an RSS reader of some sort. I have no idea how well android RSS feeds work these days, but at least it is very old (aka well proven) tech :slight_smile:

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Please dont get me started on your assumption, few people know the truth about the extend of imbalance of the points you mentioned above… and then on the other hand, I can vaguely remember something called sleep, what is that again???

I owe my family, in particular my wife so so much…

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Mine asks me now: “Is there enough solar to…”
What a pleasure :wink:

I don’t use discord but must admit I like TapaTalk.

You guys can also try DiscourseHub. But I didn’t like it very much.

Also, this site has built-in notifications. Just enable that in your phone browser, and it should show up.

Then go to Preferences->Notifications->Categories and set which topics you want to know about immediately, and it should go right to the notifications on your phone.

You’d still have to read it in the browser, which can be a little clunky.

That would be a better choice than Discord. More forum focused.

I have no real love for Tapatalk. For one, the “free” version inserts ads. On a site that we purposely kept ad-free.

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