AC Isolator Switch location for Outdoor unit?

Do any of you know the regulations regarding isolator mounting location for an AC Outdoor unit?

My question stems from possible height restrictions as I’ve only read the regulations say it must be within 1.5m from the unit itself but I (I mean Google) don’t see anything else. My ideal location is 50cm from ground level so I just want to confirm if this is Ok. I have a proper IP65/67/69 2P isolator that I want to use.

AFAIK, it has to be between 1.2m and 2.2m from the ground.

I hear you but it’s odd that a plug point can be low to the ground but not the isolator. Let me wait for some ‘official’ response from someone that has an eye on the regs somewhere. I do however agree that +1.2m would be better than 50cm but it creates another headache for me.

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Looks like you are right, I cannot find any mention in SANS 10142 other than it should be within 1,5m from the device.