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What a weekend… So just as I sat down yesterday, getting ready to watch the Scotland - SA rugby match, I hear my neighbor shouting “fire”. I run outside and see my neighbors palm tree on fire…We all grab our garden hoses to douse the fire and of course…there is no water…the municipality has switched it off again (3rd time this week). Those of us that have JoJo tanks quickly get the pumps going and douse the flames…I had to help, cos see…my fibre cable runs through that palm tree…Needless to say the cable burnt through, so I am sitting with no connection until repairs are made in 3 to 6 days…Evotel…

Though I am glad to report that my weekend ended with some positivity…I was googling pressure tanks on JoJo tanks for a while now, as my pump starts more than necessary (probably due to leaking geyser valve), and came across a youtube video about a guy that converted a propane gas tank into an air pressure tank…this gave me an idea to use it for my water. I converted an old 48kg tank that I had and damn…I must say it works well. The pump only kicks in after the second toilet flush now… Besides which, have you seen what they are charging for pressure tanks…whew.