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This seemed sort of like the appropriate section as it has to do with energy measurement.

So what was that again? The angle of the panels on string A may be different to the angle of panels on string B, as long as all panels in a string has the same angle?

Or was it the other way around? I remember reading this somewhere on the forum but cant find it now.

Now that I have no more space for panels, I’m trying to optimize to see max yield.

In theory I have a 5Kw generating capacity and the most I’ve gotten is 3,5Kw at times when the demand is there, but I’d like to see this figure reach 4Kw plus if need be.

So heeding the advice of all you knowledgeable gentlemen which is that with normal losses in a system as well as the irradiation in Gauteng I should be happy if I get about 80% efficiency of that figure, which brings us to 4Kw, which I’m not too far from what I have already seen.

But I reckon there is always room for improvement, and I have 2 strings with panels having slightly different angles. They don’t differ very much, but as per attached picture.

The circles indicates the two strings with 2 panels each. Should I bother? Oh yes, forgot to mention that these are on separate MPPTS - if this makes any difference.

Different panel angles|666x500