A Lekka Trician!

Should we say more???

Reading that whole thread, it does seem that Herholdt’s made right by the customer. Credit where it is due.

I also have pictures of particularly horrendous Victron installs :slight_smile:

Sunsynk/Deye/Victron/SMA/MLT/Axpert … the pictures above boiled down to the heading … A Lekka Trician.

Just pointing out the obvious. :slight_smile:

They need to, made so many rush discissions causing problems in the market, that Deye quietly overtook Sunsynk to be rated the inverter with the highest numbers sold in SA currently.

Which is why Victron keeps well away from dictating, my guess, just dealing with issues quietly behind the scenes, IF and where needed.

KISS Herholds, KISS.

I’m glad you said that, because I keeping quiet.

I’ve heard from more than one person that people are not happy with the way they conduct business. Due to deals struck in various ways, which may make one company the sole distributor and hence the sole arbiter of what products you (as installer) are allowed to install together, or suddenly not able to install the inverter you know well and always install, forced to go to another, or forced to buy a battery as part of a bundle deal, they hold rather a lot of power in pushing the market where they want it to go…

I’m thankful to work for a company that will simply tell you to take a hike if you try such moves. I’ve been in a meeting TWICE where that happened.