4.8 kW Pylontech

I see the PTs are now coming out in a 4.8 kW model. up5000c I think… Seven had them priced at 20k ex vat.


Yup, I got a note from my contact on that side on the 11th of Jan about this addition. I like I like…

Me likey!
Please post some links when you find them online for us to look at :slight_smile:

Now the question is are they backward compatible with the US3000/C?
It looks like one has to buy a full battery set upfront because the upgrades etc. are happening relatively quickly, so one may not be able to get new batteries that can work with the “old” ones in the future…

They are backwards compatible but the pinout on the cable changes when you move to the “C”.

You have to add the new battery to the “top” of the stack so a cable change will be needed.


Yup. They have other “C” models too, and the cable change is needed for them too. In Victron speak it merely means swapping the type-B cable for a type-A, the new pin-out happens to be a type-A.

As always, do not use the cable that comes with the battery.

But also… for those crimping their own cables (which is just about everyone), try to connect only the CAN-L, CAN-H and ground wires and nothing else. It is now common to use the same RJ45 socket for more than one kind of hardware, and some of the other pins may have other functions (eg RS485) on them, while the same is true on the GX device, some of those pins have an extra ground or a 12V power supply on them.

The extra power lines on the GX side is mandated by NMEA2000 (the marine electronics association), and connecting them to some random pin on the battery is probably not a good idea. Even if the other end is marked NC (no connection), you’re still attaching a long non-connected wire to the CAN-bus, and this thing acts like an antenna and picks up all sorts of noise and injects it onto the can-bus.

Also note that on the Cerbo, the CAN-bus port is not isolated. Not a problem for any of the listed supported batteries, but you can get into situations where the various grounds may not be on the same level, or with ground loops (in which case you may want to connect only CAN-L and CAN-H).

Finally, for a small number of batteries made by two of the three big local suppliers in SA, some of the pins in the RJ45 connector are connected together, in an attempt to support more kinds of inverters. Plugging that into a GX-device with additional wiring connected can end up pulling the CAN-lines down to ground or up to 12V supply, which will kill the comms.

So yeah… familiarise yourself with what is needed, cause it’s a jungle out there.


Why don’t they just sell the battery with the correct cable? Imagine if you bought a car and you had to to change the electrics every time you put new tyres on…

Now I’ll have to get a new cabal made up!!!

To confirm, one can connect the 4.8kW battery in parallel to the 3.5kW batteries?

Different inverter makers have different pinouts. And in the case of Victron equipment, it is also NMEA2000 compatible, which adds additional constraints.

OK, I see where the issue is…Let me ask again…For the Goodwe does one need to make up a cable or is it as before, just use out of the box cable?

The pin-out is not standardised. That is the long and the short of it. The cable that comes with the battery may or may not work. If the provided cable does work with a Goodwe, it’s either because they targeted it, or just luck. But because it is not standardised, you have to do your homework.

There are two de-facto standard pinouts though, which correspond to the type-A and type-B cables made by Victron. Pylontech has switched from the one to the other, and they have done so so that they can accommodate multiple functions using a single RJ-45 socket. Or in short… to save money.

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Has one started installing these?