3ph Motor and VFD needed

Something completely unrelated :slight_smile: .

I bought a 70 year old Milling Machine ( Will post some pictures later). A “Fritz Werner” 4.100 Horizontal Mill

Fairly similar to the Pic above, The mechanics is in quite good shape shape but the motor is at its end. The old contactors is kapoet and previous operators has bounded just about everything together. So I am considering replacing the motor with a new 1.5 kw motor and VFD to give me some control (I only have 220v on the farm).
Apart from Bearing Man who else could I try (Obviously I would keep the costs as low as possible) :slight_smile:

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https://www.adendorff.co.za/ perhaps

Depending on how to motor is connected something like this could work https://www.adendorff.co.za/product/mac-afric-1-5kw-electric-motor-for-comprv-120/

Good idea! Just remember to get a 3 phase motor (with 6 terminals)
You will need to wire it in delta for 220V. I did this with a hefty drill press that I found being chucked out of some factory. I need it to do milling on polycarbonate enclosures to make space for a battery.
The VSD is such a pleasure. I only used a 0.75kW motor and VSD
This is the drill press: impressive Kira drill press from Japan - YouTube