3D printer recommendation?

Please tell me more about your 3d printers. Would be nice to get a few opinions…

They are very nice :slight_smile:


LOL could not resist , sorry.

As with most things , the more you spend the less time you need to tinker. Prusa is the flag ship and you can not go wrong but they do come at the price.
Personally I have a Anet A8 and I had to do some mods in the beginning but after every thing was setup the way I like it I haven’t touched it for the last year and a bit. Prints is good enough for what I need.
Oh another thing there is a saying “mush rooms grow faster than a 3d Print” and its true :slight_smile:

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I have an Ender 3 and its great. I added a BLTouch and a few mods but otherwise, it’s stock.
I friend of mine has 2 Prusa’s, they lovely too, but for the money, I would rather stick with the Ender.


For home DIY stuff, the creality range of printers are nice and not too expensive. I use my friends Ender 3, with some added mods, self leveling bed and added a filament guide and bearing roller. Print quality is decent.

These are the brackets printed for my Loadcell scale