2x EasySolar-II 3kVA MPPT 250/70 GX -- Parallel

Can someone please assist on how to configure this optimally.

I am aware that it is not ideal to parallel 2x GX enabled devices - but it is what it is at this stage. Thats what on the table and I’m trying to utilize both the MPPTs and Multis optimally.

The 2nd units MPPT should also be utilized and not only the Inverter part.

From the documentation it is stated that the 2nd GX devices card should be disconnected (by opening it up and unplugging the comms cables (Ve direct (MPPT) and bus (Multi))).

Victron Documents: Only one remote control means (panel or switch) can be connected to the system. That means only one GX device. If multiple GX models are to be connected in parallel or three phase, the internal connection between GX card and other components must be disconnected. For this reason it is recommended to use the MultiPlus models without built-in GX for these systems.

Form the block diagram (an physical inspection) it seems there is an on/off remote type discrete signal as well going form the GX card to both the MPPT and the Multi.

My question(s) is this:

  1. Is there a Ve Direct passthrough on the GX card? I see a physical ve direct plug on the GX card, but I assume to access the MPPT(on the slave) form the Master GX card one need to connect a VE direct cable from the Master GX card straight to the 2nd MPPTs ve direct, totally bypassing the 2nd GX card.

  2. The VE bus on the slave multi I will just access via the bottom of the slave - seems easy enough. Is this assumption correct?

  3. What should be done with the on/off dicrete control line running form the slave GX card to the slave MPPT and Slave Multi? IN my opinion the best would be to connect the slave device’s on/off cable to the master GX cards’s on/off line. Or is there a better way?

  4. Lastly - assuming I completely remove the slave GX card, is there something preventing me from running it in standalone mode someplace else? Still a better option than running a Pi based venus somewhere.

Thanks in advance

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I suggest you read up on paralleling units in general.
Then break and remake the correct control linkages.
Do a design as if you had all the discrete bits (on paper).
Then break and remake the correct control linkages.
Not really that difficult.
Then you should end up with a redundant Colour GX and CT.
Remember, the battery cabling has to be equal lengths for each unit.
Edit: Before commencing, confirm that the chips inside both Multis are compatible to parallel.

Thanks Phil

Thats exactly the plan - but in order to do that I need to understand the control signal lines.

I have done a few Cerbos for friends and family - and nowhere a discrete on/off line was required - thus my question - why is it there in the first place? For a Cerbo there is no on/of line required , so why is there one on the GX card?

The end result will be a master-slave arrangement controlled by a single Venus device.
The Master will need the CT data from both AC Ins combined.
I don’t think ON/OFF(s) are strictly required, but this contact can be paralleled to all MPPTs and Multis.
Ve direct to both MPPTs from the Master Venus
Ve bus left as is on the master Multi, but the extended ( daisy chained) to the slave Multi.
Then a Master-Slave configuration (changing capacities) will be needed in the software.
Before you reconfigure (Master/Slave), check how the original ON/OFF relay control is achieved. This may need to be repeated in the new configuration because, as you say, I don’t think it is standard but actually a configuration tweak on the EasySolar units.

Some feedback

There is actually no discrete on/off control signal (as per the block diagram). The only line present is a power supply line to the GX card Vin (and the remote H pin on MPPT) originating form the Multi.

I just added a Ve-direct cable between the Master GX and the Slave MPPT and unplugged the power cord (and Ve bus) on the slave GX card.

I actually removed the slave GX card - only external input required is a Vin power source (tested it on 12v and it worked fine). Everything else worked like a normal Cerbo and parallel Multi / MPPT setup. All in all much better value to buy 2x Easysolars vs buying 2x Multi, 2x MPPTs and a Cerbo.

Remember to keep the DC cables from the battery at the same loop length for each unit.

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Yup thanks - already done and running perfectly. Both AC and DC side. Picture above was just power for testing purposes.

Prices are the same … just more wires visible though … between all-in-one vs all-apart.

Cause from what I see there, you get a beautiful-looking casing for the Cerbo for FREE, when you buy the parts separately!!!


Ok, serious now, I see the GX is at last on the list:

Right at the bottom.

Also check, you you need an MPPT, Cerbo/Venus per inverter?
Then the price creeps fast past the parts apart, not so?

The EasySolar 3kva is available in the market @ <R20k if you shop around. The Multiplus 3kVa is similar priced. With the EasySolar you het a watered down “Cerbo” and the MPPT250/70 virtually for free. Its a no brainer IMO. Also less clumsy DC cabling to sort out.

Dc Cabling, o absolutely.

WOW! If you can get one at @ <R20k, please send me the link?

That seems too good to be true.

Compare the pricing elsewhere:

They buy via Segen it is legit.

I also bought my initial Goodwe system and 4 Pylontechs from Solar-shop three years ago, without any issues.

I don’t know what I’m seeing here … OK, They had the description wrong for the units.


Checking other parts, some are exceptionally cheap, others are not so cheap.

At that price, yeah, the 3kva Easysolar is probably a one-time deal one cannot not buy.

But it is most definitely NOT the norm anywhere even close by.

The sums:
3kva inverter costs X
MPPT for it cost Y
Cerbo to manage it all costs Z
X + Y + Z = Soveel geld.
Buying the parts all in one cost nearly exactly the same as Soveel geld.

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Hello from Finland!
I am planning exact same. This is only conversation that i found to confirm that this is possible.
I have four different pv strings in same system. And i want to use Easysolar because of better price. Includes mppt.

My plan is to make three-phase system with three easysolars. Or at least parallel with two units…

Is there any problems to get this system to work?
You have parallel installation and it works well?

Thank you !

Hi Toni

It works fine for parallel. Only issue will be to connect more than 2x VeDirect MPPTS (only 2x vedirect connections on the GX card in the unit). The MPPTs inside the easysolar are ve.direct only and not CAN enabled like the ones you can buy loose.

Otherwise its very simple. But I wont do more than 2x units without buying a Cerbo.

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