2nd hand axpert 5kw, what price?

i replaced the 5kw axpert, a 2016 model, with a sunsynk 8kw. the axpert is still going strong - nothing was tampered with on the inside, software coulomb/webber lci 73 00b
R3500 as is, postage etc for buyers account. it was working well up to retirement. pm please.
rtc 5kw axpert

Yip, if installed and setup correctly they will outlast the blues :rofl:
Which area ?

yeah @DaveSA , i think they are like old mig jets - or ak-47 for that matter - still going strong; i believe many of them are used down under. we are in vredenburg, wc

With those old Axperts, it seems the determining factor was temperature. Their weak point was the capacitors, which would dry up, eventually causing the FETs to go next. The first caps were 63V (way too low!), rated at 3000 hours at 105°C (if I recall), which basically meant these inverters lasted longer if they were running cool, but could be dead in 12 months if you worked them hard.

Voltronic later made the caps and the FETs better. So if well treated, they probably could hold a candle to a Multi.

hence i had extraction fans mounted with tape on the top left and right air vents, it reduced the inside temp with >10C - cheap 5v pc fans did the trick. some people reverse the bottom fans to enhance airflow

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Yeah, a candle, but not a 1000w spotlight.