26650 3.2V Lithium Cells, 4000mah 19.2V Battery pack

Hi Guys,

We have some 19.2V battery packs that we don’t use. We got them for an application, but the project was scrapped.
The specs of the packs are as follows:
Total capacity: 614WH
4000mah 3.2v IFR26650 (LifePo4 cells)
Total of 48 cells per pack.

Ive open 2 of the packs, and with a bit of cell re-arranging, and spot wield, they can be converted to either
1x 192A 3.2V cell or
12v 48a battery pack. Only add a BMS.

Price on them is R650 each.
Some of the packs might have been in use for a couple of times, but most of the packs have 30 or less cycles on them. The cells is rated for 2000 cycles before 80%.



Interested, Could you share some pictures if you have.
Anyone on here tried some spot welders out in the past, i see quite a few local to buy from cheap to not so cheap.

Some more info on the total Pack:
Nominal voltage 19.2V
Charge Limit Voltage 21.6v
Charge Limit Current 11A
Nominal Capacity 32Ah (614.4 Wh)

This is a pack that ive opend and rearrange for a 12v setup. ONly need to spotwield.

Thanks @Gh3kko .

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Hi Nelius
Where are you located?
Have you tested the actual capacity of any of the cells?

And does the original 19V pack have a BMS? Do you only need a BMS if you rearrange to 12V?

Im based in Western Cape, Strand.

I did not test the individual cells, but i can test the string voltage.
I’ve add more images from the battery pack as you would receive it.

you would need to rearrange the cells in a 4s or 12v config, then add the BMS.

Ive uploaded some more images of the pack, included how it is in its current form.