2024 Election "moves"

And “thar she blows” … wicked move this …

That’s scaremongering. In a legal state (regstaat) nothing happens without it being put to the vote in parliament and passing all the legislative hurdles. NSFAS cannot disappear without going through the channels, nor can social grants.

Yes, the point you are maybe missing (not) :slight_smile:, what about those voters that have no clue whatsoever how it actually works … the ones on the grants, they “must” now vote ANC.

Clever move that, from that Rama.

The fact that I am not missing the point is reflected in the term “scaremongering”. Which inherently contains the negative implication that Ramaphosa should know better, but has reasons to say other things :slight_smile:

Ok, I see what you did …

Your post reminded me of this article from the other day … the scaremongering is a “good strategy”, the ANC not knowing their ABC’s.

Old ANC proverb: Just because you did it doesn’t mean your guilty.



And when it starts to “rain”, it can “pour” …

Seems that this grant thing … just another “thing” they cannot “spin away” … should have kept his mouth shut.