2 x Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 to swop

I had 2 x Multiplus-II 3kva (2019 models) running in parallel, where one of them ran into a relay fault after load-shedding. I sent it to the supplier and received excellent support from Sensible Solar and Victron who replaced the old unit with a brand new one.
Therin lies my conundrum; I cannot run the new unit in parallel with the old one.

After much thought (reading up on running the 2 in series instead of parallel, selling the old one and replacing it with a new model etc…) I decided to try my luck and see if anybody would be interested in swopping a Multiplus-II 5kva for the 2 x 3kva’s.
Please bear in mind that the new MP will only carry the remainder of the 2019 warranty.

@neliuszeeman … still have that older model MPII 3kva?


Unfortunately, i dint have that unit anymore. It was sold. @TheTerribleTriplet , i think you neighbour father brought that unit. Many tey your luck and find out if the unit is allready installed.

O yes! Already installed, just yesterday as a matter of fact.

Sent you a PM @GVC

Damn, hopefully something comes along.

If nothing does, I will probably sell the older MP and buy a new model.

Still available?

Both Multiplus sold.

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