2 pylontech us3000c

hi all, the max charge current is 37a, should i double this if using 2 batteries in parallel and set it at 4x if using 4

i am using victron mppt and cerbo gx

Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: The system will also do this automatically, once the battery is plugged in via can-bus.


  1. Should I set the configuration of the inverter/MPPT (via VictronConnect/VE.Configure) to a safe value? Yes, but just as a safety precaution in case comms is ever lost and the device follows its own algorithm.

  2. Should I configure a limit on the Cerbo, in Settings → DVCC → Limit charge current? No, that is unnecessary. The battery already does that for you via CAN-bus.

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hi thanks for the reply / help

weve had the pylontech since september 2022, together with victron mppt (s) cerbo gx, lynx distributor and multiplus. unfortunately in august of 2023 one of the mppt overcharged the batteries resulting in an overvoltage which blew the onboard pylontech fuses.

When originally setup i followed the instructions in the pylontech/victron manual, so dvcc was on but max charge was set at 51.8v, absorption was set at 52v and float 51v. The batteries are back now but obviously a little nervous about connecting them up to the solar mppt etc, i have a new mppt and i can see that when i change the charge voltage ( via the app) the output does change, the old one didnt change to match the settings in the app. ive been looking for a over voltage device that i can set at 52v but i cant find one,

both batteries were in parallel, i am going to get another 2. and have 2 sets of 2 what do you think of that idea, they will still be communicating with the cerbo