2 or more solar panels, defective is also good

Looking for defective solar panels, 2 or more please, in or around Centurion Midrand Pretoria. The larger the panels the better. This is for experimentation, not as solar panels, hence non working. Free is preferable :slight_smile:


I got two 285w panels thats broken blown off the roof, but I suspect that won’t help much.
I do have solar glass sheets that I bought from Art Solar as a stock overrun when they changed panel sizes.
I think these will be more suited to you.
I think sizes 1.6m x 1m about.
R150 each

Hi Etienne,

Ja them broken ones I suspect is bad. How thick are the glass and is it just a single pane or a sandwich of some sort?


Its a single pane 3.2mm thick. It’s the front glass that you see looking from the top at a panel.

Thank you. Looking for non working panels rather than just glass.


Got 3 with broken glass (totally shattered)…

Hi Jaco,

Nope those will not help sadly. Glass must at least be intact buy they need not work no more.


These are still working but shattered. One 540w, one 535w and one 405w.

Sometimes the last one on a pallet is broken.

It might be interesting to play around with one of these, to see the performance losses.

You would need to find a way to seal them to prevent water getting in, but still allow light through. Many years ago when solar panels were much more expensive I thought about giving shattered but working panels a thin coat of clear resin. Never got around to trying it though.

Yes, plus you could possibly mould the backing to a small extend, making multi directional surfaces, before epoxying it to fix the shape in place.