18650 cells giveaway


I have a crate(those black bins) full of 18650 cells, some was tested, some not. I also have some lipo cells. From 5000mah to 20000mah.

Who ever wants it, must build me a 40a, 12v cell from the 18650’s. For led lights when we go camping. Thats it.
Im in Strand, so who ever wants it, have to collect.

Please clarify the details: How many cells, strings & BMS
And how so you intend to charge the pack?

Is that 40A discharge, or do you mean 40Ah capacity?

Hi, 40a capacity. It will only be for 1 of 2 12v led, and the odd cellphone charge.

Will charge it from a 12v system. Buck boost convertor to 12.6v. Already have that.

This was one of those, still need to build project’s ,but just never got to it.

Now im busy cleaning Garage!!

HI Nelius,

I’ll take them and build you the battery. Can you maybe just give me the dimensions of your crate (and estimated weight) so that I can determine if it’s worthwhile getting a courier or driving down from Centurion to collect?

Kind Regards


Hi Johan, I am in CPT currently. I met with Nelius today. I will return in a few weeks time. I can bring them ba k for you if you are not in a hurry.

Baie dankie, would very much appreciate that! I am not in a hurry if Nelius is not :wink:

Hi Guys, Sorry for only replying now.
The cells is gone. I gave them to Louisvdw as contacted me first.