137.7 kwp on one roof

I dont want this to come across as advertising as its not what I am doing. I would however like to show you this installation we are busy with in Capetown. We are using 255 x 540 watt panels in a Grid-tie set up. Estimated production per year is 221 Mega Watt Hours.


That is looking awesome.

Nice one! Lets see the inverters.

2 x 60kw 3 phase Solis inverters…

And it will run off a 250kva generator when Eskom is off.


You can, and should, absolutely brag about that installation!


I saw pictures of a large backup system in Camps Bay recently: 9x SMA 8kW units with 3x FreedomWon batteries (exact model escapes me) to provide for 6h outage.

Apparently getting stuck in the car lift is annoying :slight_smile:

Pictures were amazing, cabling was so neat.

@JacoDeJongh aaaa nice!!! at J Schipper & Sons in Stikland. Christo inform me you will be at him on the 10th.

Wait, he is 4th in line, but it will surely be any time from the 10th to the 16th…

OR maybe 5th in line, I can’t remember now.

hahahah!! busy times!!! That custom enclosure is really impressive that he had made up.

Wow! Incredible! Nice one. :smiley:

Well done Jaco! Very impressive! You give us small guys out there hope pappa!

That’s massive! Congratulations!

Now we are talking. Looks good Jaco!!

Just started finalizing my install in the new house. 9x 535w panels felt good but THAT… another level!