100A SonOff

Seems like SonOff made a 100A breaker, could be useful
2P Smart Circuit Breaker Switch - eWelink 100A (robofactory.co.za)

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Well, it’s not really sonoff. Rather another brand that shares the eWeLink app which fits nicely into the ecosystem and can probably be easily integrated into HA as well.

They also have a 1 pole 63A max, 40A normal :grinning: version.

Problem with this is that it doesn’t have energy monitoring. I don’t know why I would want to switch on/off 100A…

40A sounds more realistic, if that has energy monitoring…

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They do also have a double pole version of the 73A switch which I think would be useful for geysers where you want to isolate the neutral as well.
2p 63a ewelink single phase din rail wifi smart switch energy meter leakage protection remote read kwh meter wattmeter works with alexa google Sale - Banggood.com

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