Running Geyserwise in conjunction with a gas geyser

Yeah. I’m aware of that but I think even the ITS probably becomes less efficient closer to 70 but the advantage being you don’t need to get it so hot anyway.

I wanted to go with the ITS but I’m not fond of suppliers dictating to me that I have to use their approved installers or take a hike even after I told them that I wanted to do the install by myself. They also marketed the diverter valve as such a great patented solution but I found most manufacturers recommend the same. :man_shrugging: I did out of interest get a quote from an ITs installer and it was around 6-7k just for standard install which wasn’t going to work for me as my pump is about 5m up.

I decided to take a hike and went with the alliance instead. Honestly, there isn’t really anything complicated about installing the heatpump. It’s a lot easier than installing an aircon.

The alliance works pretty fine and I only use it early mornings or late afternoon when the sun isn’t up. During the day I just use my element on max to get the water to 65 degrees. My thinking is that the heatpump has a limited life with all the moving parts in it. This hopefully will extend its life. The HP itself was just under 11k which was considerably less than the price of the ITS before installation.


That’s a luxury in winter! :smiley:

Geyserwise is selling me a brand new PV system instead of my “old school” working setup. Pricing starts at 17k depending on setup. Shoo. Water heating is a no jokes. Will add this to the spreadsheet.

At only R65! That’s a steal! Thanks.

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But these are like acupuncture or rather acute puncturing . The 5-Function heads work great. Check the L/min flow rates. 6 to 8 instead of the usual +12L/min. With the aeration it still gives a nice solid feel on the skin.

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I did say the cheap ones work better :smiley:

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Ah. That is part of encouraging the users not to open the taps at full throttle. They work very well at half throttle

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I missed this. :frowning:
You are talking to the salesperson.
You are talking to the wrong person!

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Yes, I do think so.

It was a rainy, cloudy day and he said that the PV system would work just great, I said sorry excuse me? How would it do that? They just do! Mind you I have 8 PV panels producing 100W while you talking. He still carried on selling haha. :smiley:

Did you install this system?
If so do you have a detailed invoice? I need the models of your Geyserwise setup…

The geyserwise we currently have was installed before we moved in. It’s obviously older. But I am not too sure how you check the model etc.