New bigger mix setup MLT/Victron

@Gman How well do your panels cover your general consumption? Those batteries are very big, so I can’t imagine that you’re cycling them from solar?

Is the size mostly for load-shedding, or how do things balance out?

Ooo, let him reply … all I can say is we had NEED’s, WANT’s and then HOBBIES levels.

Recently I had to expand that to add a 4th level … GMAN :wink:

@mariusm let me put it like this, COCT was at my house last week to check if my new prepaid meter was faulty and to do software update because I bought power in begin January 2022. My house runs 24/7 from the system. The storage only get charge by the solar, no grid feed for them.

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En daai verdomde “itch” is nog steeds daar @TheTerribleTriplet Nearly bought 6 more panels with my father order. Spotted a place that had JA panels for R4.99exvat, called them and they where like, ooooopsss we still need to remove that advert. :slight_smile:

Solar itches never go away. You can just use a bit of ointment to make it less itchy for a while :slight_smile:

I have com to the conclusion that Solar users always want to upgrade. :smiley:

hahahahah Louis, so true, so true!!! and my wife understands my problem to. few weeks ago I tell her that we just need to buck off a bit on the power use because we on 92%soc at 9pm and we got some rain on the way, she is like, just add more panels and batteries, you wanted to add more panels because of the next door palm trees that is in the way with the winter sun and east array. :laughing:

Next one, when the City announced that they planning to rebate when you export, she was like, hhhhmmmmmmmm we still want to put up the 6m x 11m car port, we can stack panels on it and get 2 more inverters then “I correct her there and inform we go PV inverters there then”, and we export then. :rofl: good wife!!!

O yes … my itch … get it all working lekka, then sell it all and start over. :smile:

Was referred to a new installer, man, they did a damn good job, the 150/35 and 3 x 350w panels are installed, so now:
4kw inverter
4.2kw + 1.05kw = 5.25kw array in total.
3.375v (float) x 15 cells x 280ah = ±14kWh bank.

So let me see if THIS combination works now for our “new” loads … or I will sell it all and start again. The system has been put on notice.

En daar is f#($*%n geen son vandag …


Ah, I thought you had 330x9 + 430x9 = 6.8kW, but it’s actually 330x18 + 430x9 for 9.8kW total?

And then 36kWh batteries, large enough to ride out a bad couple days (weeks?) and smooth it out.

Lekker man!!! Now some lekker production on it’s way. East side array?

Jip correct yes. Just under 10kw array. Plans is to add 6 more of the 430w panels on the north side with the othet 9 x 430. Stil got space there and space on my 250/100 mppt. Got a 3de 250/100 that I can us. I got open space for 18 more panels on my east and west side but then i’m going next level of hobby.

The 36kwh storage can last us a few days with bad weather with a little bit of sun on it. The itch is there to add more storage so that we ride out the storm flat out. Inverter power I got more than enough to supply the house.

How are you feeling about cable distance from panels to MPPT?

My roofs are all like

\       /
 /     \
/       \

so I can’t fit a lot of panels nicely. Other option is further away, but not sure how longer cabling impacts matters. Higher voltage is obviously better, but what is too long?

Maybe I should just ask @JacoDeJongh :slight_smile:

Front roof … which is now full. Originally I planned 16 panels as there is “enough” space, right?

Just just not. Only 15 will fit.

So I sold the 250/100 and bought a 250/85 and a 150/35 which doubles as our camping MPPT. Can switch its panels off in the combiner box … if we ever go camping again where there is no power

Now I have 15 panels and 15 cells. :rofl:

BUT, I’m happy. Want to see it work now with sun.

Will see you in a few weeks when I am in Capetown. Till then, I’ll just give you a call.