MPII and House DB Board

I removed my Carlo and it did help with the prepaid meter trips, but I also removed the oven as it was only on the Carlo side. Trips do still happen but much much less often.

What we must not lose sight of, the limitting of the inverter based on main breakers max amps.

Must say, I’m learning.
Still prefer the Carlo route, don’t want the main DB fed via from AC_Out2, even if it is in bypass.
“Daai goed bly sommer maar net daar, die goed is wat ek oor worry” type of feeling.

True, but I think it is a minor point.

Remember, flipping your bypass switch would still put everything on Eskom, the way it was.

But to each his own - For me a massive advantage of getting a Victron (or most true hybrids) was the transfer ability so that you don’t need to worry about your circuits while Eskom is up. 50A (in most cases 70A because you will have at least battery available and you REALLY shouldn’t be drawing 50A+ continuously on a 63A breaker, you’ll too often trip the power) is ample.

Mine is set up with the Carlo, but I’d have preferred to go the route that I deem is simpler (i.e. minus the Carlo - Less reliance on a external device).