Heatpump vs Solar Expansion

Oh yes. You move into an old 70s house, with those big windows. You get someone to make you new curtains (as that is generally a little cheaper). One day you wash one of the sets (thankfully a smaller one). The curtain shrinks immediately, because this was not considered when the curtains were made. You now know you can never wash the big ones. You have to dry-clean your curtains or make new ones. At this point it might just be easier to sell the house again… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, this can probably be a whole discussion on its own, but I’ve come to hate those old cheap rails with the C-curved thin metal bended rail, the plastic runners, and so forth. I now put up pipes and we use either rings on the pipe that attaches to the curtains (which can costs thousands on their own), or… more recently we installed one pair where the rings are crimped into the curtain itself. What a pleasure! This is now my preferred curtain hanging arrangement, and ironically becoming one of the cheaper options due to the expensive rings you normally have to use.

We also use the pipe versions with curtains designed with holes already in them. Problem is that it is a very “funky” motive on them which we will not find again. And the curtains will hang about 1 meter as the moth/mosquito flies from the closest existing curtains.

For insulation value, double-glazing is a lifelong investment that beats curtains hands-down…

Certain windows in another house I had arched windows, and I had made-to-measure plantation shutters made. There was a choice of two materials, a PVC (coated or full PVC, I can’t remember?) for steamy areas like bathrooms and kitchens.
And a wood-cored option for other areas, but you can’t tell which is which.
These fit in the window cavity and are flush with the walls on the inside.
They open like double doors inwards and have horizontal louvred slats that also open in unison.
I’d say closed they must have an insulation value of maybe 30% of double-glazing, but that’s a complete guess.
They do create a pretty draft-proof type seal for the window cavity and are about 5mm thick.
This sort of deal is good for odd-shaped windows.
With a crazy long warranty, that you won’t ever have to use. They are quality and have lasted 13 years, without any issues.
I can’t remember the price, but they would have been expensive.
Edit: I looked at some contemporary prices, and yes very expensive.


Edit: Found this on the WWW:


Studies have consistently demonstrated the superior insulating performance of plantation shutters. According to a study conducted by Historic Scotland, plantation shutters reduced heat loss by up to 51%, while heavy curtains only managed a mere 14% reduction.

I asked for pricing on just the security louvred gates, and it was over 20k for a 2-meter wide door and window combo. So yeah, one of the upsides of living in SA, is you generally don’t need to install expensive windows. On the downside, you also cannot afford to install expensive windows.