Greenhouse gas discussion (tread carefully, be respectful)

Maybe I missed it - all I saw was the bit about her saying CO2 absorbs IR?

Not the first time I come across AMOC …


Really bad for this to happen one day …

You missed it or I imagined it.

I misheard/misconstrued. She said that C02 is good at keeping planets WARM.

So it’s like so many things: A certain amount is good, but a greater amount not so good.

Yup. And one of the things I find frustrating about that subset of people who argue that “CO2 is plantfood!”.

Yes, but some of y’all have never killed a rose bush by giving it too much manure, and it shows.


Ah, but it is, plants are a carbon sink, they decay and become coal over millennia, and then in the blink of an eye, the human race forgot that and burnt all that millennia of sequestered carbon and sent it skywards again.
It has been nature’s balancing act since time immemorial, we as a race just interfered.
CO2 is plant food, and you can do worse than planting a tree or two.

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Heating of things uses a lot of power. This has traditionally been done by gas. Can electricity be used to replace this energy source?

Most of the modern SMR (Small Modular Reactor) designs are actually targeting process heat, rather than electricity. They are far more efficient at that (thank electricity), and become remarkably economical.

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It would be good to hear of some success stories itr.
I haven’t heard anything for a long time…

Read of this before, this past weekend, driving at night … no insects on the windscreen, as in none.