Gate motor direct feed bypass battery

jip indeed, had a guy out to check the unit today - verdict : way past bb - well, about 15 years of about 20-30 open and close per weekday adds up… especially for a d3, so we had a good innings - but back to moisture, ants! i could hardly see them for size but obviously the are full of juice - he advised me to sprinkle blue death powder in the new unit

Keep the motor for a spitbraai, it should have enough torque, and it won’t need the control circuitry.
( Just one speed and direction). Gear it to 2 -3 RPM.


14 cells of Sony vtc6 in 2p7s config with a 7s 30a bms, works like a charm

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I also think that moisture will catch up with my modification, especially as we are entering the rain season. the last 6 months was a relatively dry season in my neck of the woods

Please post a pic of this battery. I guess you built it yourself?

will do so tomorrow, yes i did.

got my wires crossed in a previous post, the 6ah 12v battery have a 25A bms, and my 12ah 12v have a 5Amp bms.
and here is the 2p7s 24v battery works very well in my inlaws garage motor, and their pensioner widow neighbor’s garage motor.


2 questions: What BMS did you use and what did it cost?
Also where did you get the enclosure?

Good morning sir,

i got it all from here, I do not know if the online shop still works. I got every thing from this site saproof, bms, cell holders, nicklestrip, spotwelder and the battery boxes.
here is a link to the bms, if you navigate the rest of the site you will find the prices for all the other stuff.

Thank you for that!!! :+1:

Been wanting to build more 12v lithium UPS batteries.

I get 12v UPS for free, just ask people who throw them out disgusted.
Take out the batt, recycle it, replace it with a BMS and Lifepot4 cells, and there you go.

This will work beautifully for a 12v UPS … I think it may just fit.

Let me go and find more UPS’es. :rofl:

The charge volts … bleh, never had an issue with the 6ah cells … yet … as the UPS mostly stands their protecting, not charging.

Eventually the small ups’s charging circuit stops(burns out) working after a while with a lifepo4 battery pack (observed on both 12v and 24v ups’s) and usually its only the charging circuit that does not work, the changeover and inverter is still fine, in that case just add a external charger. you shoul specifically look to score online ups’s that people want to discard, they tend to have a pure sinewave inverter.

just spoke to the owner of the site SAproof, and it is still operational.
I have ordered probably close to 50 times from this site, and never been disappointed.

Can you give me their email address, the website looks really weird with no contact details or email … unless I missed it.

I so don’t want to import it all myself.


The contact page does not work … email address there is for the web designer also does not work.

The whatsapp is there. It has the 083** number

A man … I’m blind. I see it but I don’t SEE it.

Thank you!

I use the UPS’es 1st for their built-in protections against Eskom because pass-thru of solar inverters.

2nd, the mS break when the solar inverter takes over with LS. Less “stress” on the equipment connected.

3rd … the big one … to extend my life expectancy for when I switch solar systems off forgetting people may still be using PCs and all that … the beeping reminding me when I do that.

Thanks for that heads-up.

I tend to favour APC UPS’es that are chucked in “disgust” with their rather “expensive” batts, being “APC”.

They do seem to last much longer. My oldest DIY 24v bank has been installed for a few years now, and it has had to recharge a few times from being near depleted.

All these gate operators are designed to use their battery for the load during opening/closing. The charger is only required to charge the battery.
SLA batteries are good for this due to the high current they can deliver (the sparks these can produce always amaze me!)

I do not have a email address, spoke to the owner on friday, and asked if i can share his details here.
His name Is Pieter 0834965454
he is as legit as they can come.

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Depending on the Model gate motor - I know for a fact CentSys has a power supply for the D5 and D5 Evo modesl to replace the battery and run from mains directly.

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