Fivestar 5kw hybrid solar inverter with sunmagic 200ah deepcycle batteries

Noted but i suppose thats why we all like different brands not all can drive mercedes but i just hope i get my monies worth over a period of time so that it can repay itself

The two costs that push Victron into the perceived “Merc” range, are the additional costs of the MPPT/s and a Cerbo.

The batts, the panels, installation, are tit for tat.

And yes, those two parts can come at quite a price … sometimes.


Hah! So on that topic, imagine this scenario.

A little boy is walking next to the road when a man pulls up next to him in a car, and offers him a packet of sweets if he will get in the car. The boy refuses, and the car drives off. A few minutes later the car returns, stops next to the boy, and offers two packets of sweets if the boy will get into the car. Again, the boy refuses. The car returns a third time, offering three packets of sweets and a cooldrink, at which the boy looks the man in the eye and says: Dad, you bought a Ford! You can drive it!

Hah u say thats why i drive ford expect the same excellent service from this buy …lol we all have 2 differ but in basic facts are facts a ride is a ride

You can swap in any name you like. The first time I heard the joke, it was at the expense of Hyundai. These days, I would say the most worthy candidate is the Peugeot LandTrek.

But using “Ford” usually gets the most response. Naturally, they are the second or third (depending on the month) best seller! After Toyota and Isuzu. What is even more interesting is that the GWM P4 is the 4th best seller. That tells you something about how far the Chinese has come.

True enjoy ur day

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I also think you have to say “young person” these days. It isn’t PC to make assumptions and say “boy” anymore. :roll_eyes:

For the purposes of that joke, let’s assume the person in question identified as such :slight_smile:

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And “Dad” also identified as such, and the sweets weren’t chappies.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing an Axpert or a derivative thereof… if that is all one can afford.
Of course, It needs to be nursed more than the other inverters, but hey, you can get a full 5 years + out of them if treated properly.
If you can afford a Sunsynk or Victron all the better, cos now you have good tech.
My old Axpert that I thought was buggered is still keeping a young couple happy 6 years later.

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Hi guys need some input is jinko solar panels any good connecting to my sunsynk inverter i think it is 450 watts any inputs appreciated

Yes, they are good panels. Running 7 x 470w on my one pv.

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Thx noted

Hi guys i bought a sunsynk with a hubble am 2 battery
Is it absolute neccesary for cloudlink little blue box for it to communicate with my inverter …lol busy installing in my town sunsynk is a bit or looks a bit above the general installer when it comes to programming thx for any input

Good day everybody. I am brand new on this forum and, being the total noob I am when it comes to inverters and batteries, I last year went with the five star 5kva inverter powering 4x 120ah CSB batteries. I now want to change to a lithium iron battery, but obviously need one that will work with my inverter. I will be most grateful to receive any recommendations for a suitable li battery. Best regards. Faan