Eskom ... is there ANY chance? In CPT there is

There is always a lot of that going on, but not in the style of an evil wizard who wants to ruin everyone’s day, rather in the way of businessmen who saw an opportunity.

The green revolution represents one of the biggest transfers of wealth in the history of our civilisation.

I always think of that peat mine I visited in The Netherlands. At one point, peat mining was big business. A decade later… the industry was dead.

Pockets are definitely being sorted.

I often see these debates on social media, where people argue green energy is a scam BECAUSE the politicians are involved in it (with some flimsy prove that a Biden family member has his finger in a pie somewhere). Uuuuh… I would be very surprised if the people in the know, and the people in the decision making chairs, are NOT invested in this :slight_smile:

I meant it being positive, real SAFFAS going at it with “pure hearts” to generate pure profits fixing SA with no Gov meddling.


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Interesting … we have speculated here on what what and what not …

… read between the lines. Here, let me show you.

Magically sabotage has stopped … since De Ruyter and Oberholzer left. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Escam shou have fired those 2 many years ago, imagine how little that place would have suffered in the meantime….


As if that is not enough….
Chief Justice Raymond Zondo advised government to “close the taps” in public procurement to effectively fight corruption.

Zondo was speaking at the National Dialogue on Anti-Corruption, in Johannesburg, where he said that corruption in the country had reached unacceptable levels, and that unless attended to, citizens would not have a country worthy to call home.


…are coming…

So here is what I’m thinking … if someone steals from your business, you are going to have a meeting.

At this meeting, you say what is happening, and what you are going to do.

Now one of two things could happen:

  1. The thieving stops. Person/s know you are onto them.
  2. Thieving does not stop:
    2.1) Either blatant disregard like in “catch me if you can” or “I’m too sexy for my shit”.
    2.2) Or you spoke to the wrong people, thief does not know yet.

Now De Ruyter took a shot very publicly and left the “building” wisely.
Zondo did his investigation.

Was De Ruyter behind it? No.
So why did it miraculously stop, after Andre’s interview and then Zondo’s commission?

One day maybe we will read about it in a history book.

Till then, NOTHING is gonna happen bar tokens. The scale of this is HUGE … and it is not only the ANC …

EDIT: O, and don’t tell me the army presence has made the difference, that the police were taking “charge” … they were asked to join the party when De Ruyter was in charge … his request was ignored if memory serves.

But today, “look here, we fixed it”, we deployed the army, and the police are now on task … and it all stopped miraculously.

Yeah right ok. My bad, I missed that … not.

The court cases on this fiasco if there was real action taken, would have been immense.

Thieves don’t like to prosecute other thieves, most likely because of the bribes. Otherwise for fear of their lives. The third option, no that don’t exist.

Organised crime syndicates don’t stop. This is allegedly the situation: Eskom’s departing CEO said the stricken state-owned utility is losing R1bn a month to graft and theft committed by people often affiliated to the ANC.


To summarise my thoughts, no it didn’t stop, those that are supposed to investigate and charge thieves, ain’t doing so. It’s only the investigation that stopped, not the thievery. Despicable to say the least…. Bekotsingswaardig ne.


Well we’re on stage 3 in very mild warm weather with nearly 5GW of private pv in the mix. So something isn’t going right in Eskom…

We would probably have been stage 8 without private sector.

Wow …

As many of us have suspected …

No quotes, read it … covers a lot of angles we have speculated on …

“Chasing runners” is my personal favourite.
Followed closely by … Gordhan worried about De Ruyter’s “messianic or heroic figure” tendencies than the looting claims.

Yeah, the “people in charge” have “curbed Eskom’s looting”, their writing on their walls … but NOTHING will happen to them. NOTHING.

Epic one … “when amid Stage 6 power cuts came “pressure from the Presidency… what is happening? Why are we having blackouts?”” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

EDIT: Nothing to do with elections, it was triggered by De Ruyters interview, and Zondo’s investigations, which slowed it all down back then.

Hidden behind “military deployment” … my bet.

What are the solutions? article Ferial Haffajee

This is an energy solutions newsletter, and Nova Economics has made recommendations that are being implemented by Eskom.


Running open-cycle gas turbines at higher load factors
Power buybacks
Reducing demand
Ongoing load shedding

12 to 36 months

Returning mothballed plants to service
Building modular utility-scale renewables capacity
Powerships (the jury is out on the efficacy of powerships)
Co-generation agreements
Postponing plant maintenance
Demand-side management
Consensual load curtailment

36 months plus

Grid extension through new plants
Building modular utility-scale renewables capacity
Demand-side management

In other energy news:

Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa is getting new powers, the ANC has told EWN’s Tshidi Madia. The context here is that the ANC’s election chances depend on ending load shedding ahead of 2024, and Ramokgopa told the party’s National Executive Committee he can’t do so without additional authority over electricity.

Ethan van Diemen reported on a model of community ownership of small-scale grids. This is our future to insure against energy apartheid.

He also reported on a perspicacious seminar where the executive director of the Presidential Climate Commission, Crispian Olver, analysed how special interest groups are hindering the just energy transition. It is a must-read.

Now I thin this smart meter idea is a good thing, but …

The part we should focus on:

Yeah, where things are opaque, there is reason to be worried or suspicious :thinking:

I see Eskom announced HexBESS. See some CATL logos on there…. Nice


Since CT is in the title does anyone here agree with my concern with the LS forecast changing often and unexpectedly? I check the app and see that next outage is at 10pm tomorrow…
Next thing the power is off and the app says we are in the dwang… (This doesn’t help with my sanity!)

Been my pet hate since forever.
And the fact that the total LS hours are cleverly “worked in” in that constant altering of the levels.

I use the City of Cape Town app, which has this nice feature that it shows you the Eskom state, the CoCT stage, and a nice time table of when things will be down.

At the top, for example, you can see the schedule, and if you tap that…

That tells you that between midnight and 5AM they will be in stage 3, then from 5AM to 10PM they will be on stage 1, and then through the night (until 5AM again) they are back to stage 3.

Then you access the status page, where you can add multiple areas you are interested in (eg, work and home), amd that gets you a nice time table:

So today, no load-shedding for me, if all goes as planned (stage 1).

BUT… this is what I really like about it. I can also see that if the tropical fruit hits the spinning ventilation device, we’ll be down at 12PM.

Additionally, this app can be used to report water outages. Which is a thing in my area.

Ja nee ok … from AmaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism