Victron CerboGX / Remote Fronius

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If I plan to install a Fronius PV Inverter 200m away from my Cerbo is the best option 2x Victron Zigbee (USB(A)) or can I use 1x Zigbee if the Zigbee can see my Wifi Router from that distance?


I would rather use a normal TPlink CPE or something similar.

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What Jaco said. The inverter communicates with the GX over TCP/IP, not over modbus-rtu. As such you don’t use the Zigbee modules (those are for connecting your Carlo Gavazzi if it is too far away).

The most cost effective method is an outdoor CPE solution, like the TP-Link devices he linked. For really long distances, you use two. I think it is cheaper than the Zigbees too…

Thanks Guys!

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