USB-C Power tools

Quite interesting: Power tool companies have discovered USB-C — and DeWalt’s two-way charger sounds awesome - The Verge

I do like the idea of charging my laptop from my powertools’ Li-Ion batteries and I can imagine someone like @JacoDeJongh who travels with a bunch of cordless tools and laptops and other measuring equipment would like this…

… or is it a bad idea to mix the two?

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USB-C can only handle up to 100W. Some brands push that limit a bit further (like Dell doing 130W on USB-C), but then it only works with their own PSU which is beside the point of having a universal psu.

Most power tools draw more than that 100W limit when in use so a direct draw will not work, but I guess just for charging this could work as you can charge at 100W.

Version 2.1 of the spec pushes that up to 240W:

Not that you would want to charge your batteries at 240W, and a laptop should be able to work with a lower power envelope (like they do when on their own batteries).

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