System dead, please advise

Hello all.

So just returned from holiday and checked my setup, looks pretty dead to me.
On VRM Portal zero info since early December, says “No Data to display”, which seems odd coz I remember checking in before I left. Nevertheless, here’s what I can see, visually:

Inverter lights: Charger / Alarm
MPPT lights: Float
Cerbo GX: nothing.
Pylontech: Run light, single slow blink. No SOC lights.

I don’t even know what to think or do.
Where do I start?

Thank you.

Weird that the Cerbo is dead. The MPPTs are likely in error #67 (lost BMS) which means they are providing base power (48V). This should be sufficient to turn on the Cerbo, so this is the first thing I would look into. Blown fuse perhaps? Check if the Cerbo has a supply voltage at the relevant terminal (using a multimeter).

If the Cerbo lost power, the Multi probably switched off because it lost the BMS. Switching it off and back on should make it come back.

Similarly with the batteries. I would switch them all off with the rocker switch, then switch them all on again, and hit the red button on the first battery (which should start them all).

The MPPTs however is stuck in #67 until you factory reset their settings and reconfigure them properly for the battery (or until you get the Cerbo back alive).

But definitely start by checking fuses.

Ok panic over.

I turned everything off, in correct sequence, then checked fuses, connections etc.
Seems Cerbo Red/Black cable had become dislodged…(people been busy around device cleaning, packing etc).
Turned it all back on again, all looks dandy and spiffy. (so far)

The LEDs tell me…
Inverter: “Inverter/Charger” mode.
MPPT: “Bulk”
Cerbo: Wifi/Bluetooth lights flashing.
Pylotech: “run” and 3-4 SOC leds.

So hoping that will be fine and no factory reset for MPPT will be required.

Thank you @plonkster