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I need a specific battery for an upcoming install in the karoo…
Want a 6.4kwh bsl bulls…
So the two websites mentioned in the subject line has decent pricing for what I’m looking for… But they seem to be the same place. They have the same adress, same website and same chat function in their websites…
Has anyone used them before??

@plonkster you got some magic stuff there to check web sites.

Can i contact you privately? I also supply BSl bulls.

Ek stuur vir jou 'n pm.
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Seems like both domains didn’t pop up yesterday, but both make use of the same address in the contact us section which is 2820 Stand, Rosslyn Gardens, Pretoria North, 0182 and seems to be a new-ish development in Rosslyn as Google’s street view doesn’t have anything there, but maps does.

Can’t really find anything else except the second one having a registration number 2020/184037/07, but CIPC doesn’t allow checks anymore due to POPI.

For what it’s worth, my company has quite a few different domain names which we use to track how well our ad spend works and for targeting different market segments. But as soon as you view the About Page, Privacy Policy or so-on they all clearly point you to the same PTY LTD.

So different imprints isn’t necessarily a scam, but the veil should be quite thin. I fail to see how that would be useful to an installer or a reseller.

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@fredhen has done the whois lookups already.

They map to different web hosts:

$ host has address mail is handled by 10

$ host has address mail is handled by 10

But those are clearly in the same block of addresses (looks like a /21 or /20 maybe), so let’s look that up… aaah no actually… two adjacent blocks, but both belong to Afrihost.

So they have been around a while and they host locally. So no outright red flags…

What’s the price like?

wow thanks for all the replies…

I decided to go with Jaco… he will sort me out…
Didn’t really bother their other products apart for the batteries… on which their pricing isn’t great but they had a special going which wasn’t bad…

Still Jaco beats their special… so a no brainer for me…


Yeah, I saw a special on BlueNova batteries at ACDC while picking up some stuff…

About R1000 cheaper than you can see advertised and still more than you can get by asking around. But they’re advertising as saving R9000 and R23000. Not quite.

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