Reputable computer component shops

Hi guys, I’ve always liked rebeltech, the guys always treated me right … happy to help, answer questions, assist with advise and the price was right (not saying always the cheapest, but right for quality)

They were sadly one of the victims of Covid-19… They are trying to resurrect themselves (now as more a online store) but no there yet, and well as per the TrueNAS thread, I need to replace my MB. Not sure how long it will take Rebeltech yet to get back up.

In the mean time, who do you guys use. looking for someone that sells the GigaByte range of MB’s.


I’ve been very happy with Wootware in the past. Excellent service and they can custom order items for you if you are looking for something specific that they don’t normally stock.

I also use wootware if they have good prices as I know some of the guys there. Use evetech if I cannot get what I want at wootware, or their prices are a little too high.

I’ve also always used rebeltech. Really sad when I saw they closed down.

Are you set on Gigabyte though? Asus typically make some better quality MBs. MSIs quality did wane over the last few years as far as I know. Think the Aurous range from Gigabyte is good quality also. Haven’t used it myself.

Jykenmynie… then you’ll be happy to hear Rebeltech is on the way back.

Not that much stuck on Gigabyte, was just the best option I could find 3 yrs ago.

This is for a NAS (TrueNAS) so like lots of IO… As is have 6 x 4TB and a M.2, as it is I can not use one of my HDD’s as the Gigabyte only allow 6 IO devices, aka if you use the M.2 then it disables the 6th SATA port.

So looking for option, will ping the guys at Wootware and see,



Hmmm this is interesting. I was under the impression that M.2 slots use the PCIe lanes. So using an M.2 would take 4 of the lanes, and if you have a GFX card in a 16X slot, the slot would go to 8X if you don’t have more than 16 lanes on your CPU (typical of Intel CPU - not sure about the latest ones) because the slots can only run in 1, 4, 8 or 16X.

I guess some board manufacturers might put an M.2 interface on the board but run it through the SATA lanes so they can advertise an M.2 slot, but that would severely impact the performance of the M.2 device…

Edit: Actually, thought of something: Do you maybe have more than one M.2 slot? It might be that you chose the one that use the SATA bus, but there could be another one that uses the PCIe bus?

This was for the M.2 (ADATA Ultimate SU800 ASU800NS38-128GT-C, 128GB, M.2) card.
and that was a surprised to me also, when I lost a HDD / Sata slot.

sadly no, on that 2nd M.2, honestly haven’t actually seen any boards with 2, well at least not in my price range. actually battling of finding a replacement board with 6 x SATA ports. might go 4 and then look at adding a Sata HBA. . . a port multiplier… actually never used one of them before, so would like to understand what impact they have in running 2 HDD’s on one port, can’t be good.


These days on the higher end boards I’ve seen a few with 4xm.2, but this would be on the Ryzen side. AMD is quite willing to give you heaps of PCIe lanes. I suspect their new architecture is much more scalable than Intel.

Yeah maybe see if you can just grab an expansion card to put in a PCIe slot. Can’t imagine a SATA controller being more expensive than a new MB! I googled PCIe SATa controller and looks like there’s a few available with up to 8 additional internal SATA ports. Obviously have to check compatibility and available drivers, I’ve never used one of those cards myself.

… as my MB is already questionable… will first replace that…
Problem is I already have 1 x Vdev build (3 HDDs) which is sitting at 80%… so need to connect those other 3 HDD… and the M.2.

Best option for now might be port multipliers on the current used 3 drives, and as most board it seem come with 4 ports allowing for 8HDs then,

might be the short term solution.
Can then later on buy a HBA.


I have a sata express connector on board, how can I maybe us this with the sata drives ? is it at all possible ?


When building gaming rigs for clients, I normally get most of my stuff from Evetech , they have never let me down, but they mostly sell MSI motherboards.

If i look for something that most other places dont sell I normally find it at FirstShop. Not always the cheapest, but good to know about.

looking at Evetech last night I also got the impression they major into gaming rights, not that much a IO/NAS type seller. will have a look at FirstShop, they’re related to a parent I deal with allot.


looks very much like l will be doing a like for like board swop, and then maybe move my M.2 onto a external / pic board, us all 6 onboard Sata slots for HDD’s, configured into 2 x vDev (3 drives each)

and like the only people doing a 6 x sata slot might be this board from Gigabyte, might be why I originally got it, hehhe


I’ve also received decent enough prices and support from Evetech, but I heard that as soon as you try and replace something, the trouble start…

please explain the 2nd part of this message.

“but I heard that as soon as you try and replace something, the trouble start…”


Evetech accused of breaking the Consumer Protection Act (

And then the subsequent discussion on the forums: (1) Evetech accused of breaking the CPA | MyBroadband Forum

Sure, it probably gravitated to the extreme cases, but it did make me think twice about purchasing from Evetech, especially in cases where I suggested clueless family members buy from them.

This is really not good news, I have been buying from them for years, maybe I was just fortunate that nothing ever needed to be replaced. I am really not sure what to make of this?

so firstly, my experience so far, without reading the above.

I send them exactly what board I got, and what drives I"m connecting to it at the moment and the M.2 SSD. explaining my use case.
First question the guy asks is this for AMD or Intel, which tells me he did not have 1 second of a look at what I send him already, which makes my doubt he will pay any amount of interest or attention to the fine detail of what I need, so far for me, they a no go - unclouded by above thread. so let me now go and read that.

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… well just read it, they def of my xMas list, won’t be spending any money with them.


I came to the same conclusion. I am glad Eben mentioned this.

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It’s a pity, because their prices are cheap.

Some of the more recent discussions on MyBB actually mention this – where it is in some instances almost uncompetitively cheaper than other e-retailers, so other retailers stop carrying certain brands or models.