Raspberry Pi 4B + Pi Zero etc

Description: As per photos
Condition: As new
Location : Durbanville , WC
Postage: Collect or for your account
Price: Make me a realistic offer for the lot
Reason for sale: I am not a programmer and do not have time or the
patience to learn coding.

Jis I laughed at this reason for sale Pierre … man, I can SO identify! :laughing:

Hi Jaco , it is like learning a whole new language at my age. Too old and cranky - Will stick to building batteries and playing with electronics.
At least I got the camera to work and the LED to flash on the breadboard :flushed:

@flybaron , same here, at 62 years ( young ) still at the hunt & peck stage :cry: rather install solar systems than try to learn home assistant even

Is difficult to make an offer. Please PM me what you paid for all so I can see if a reasonable offer fits in my budget.

There is this story of an old gentleman (80s or something like that) still practicing playing the piano every day, and when someone asked him why he bothers… he said: I think I’m getting better!

In my weird collection of hobbies, I must say this is probably the one I intend to keep as long as possible. One day when my ship comes in, I’m not buying a fancy new inverter or a car or anything. I’m buying a Shigeru Kawai, or a Yamaha CX series.

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You are correct Jaco. I was going to do the sums later today and post a price guideline.

Just check which Pi4 model you have. The different memory size cost differently.

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O.K. guys , my total cost was R4855.00 . All components in ‘like new’ condition.
Short list of components :
Pi 4B 4GB + 16GB flash
Raspberry 7" LCD colour touch screen + Slightly modified case
Raspberry Keyboard
Starter Kit Osoyoo
Pi Zero W with black case
Logitech M235 mouse
Adapters and maybe a few small items I missed.
The lot for R3800 or best offer.
WhatsApp 082 five five two zero three 02
Thank you.

Did this sell?

Not yet Warwick.