MPPT idling

2 x Smartsolar 150/100 MPPT connected on VE.Can.

Currently 37 deg outside, brilliant sunshine, loads close to 4kw (aircons running) and 1 MPPT is idling, no power going to system or battery - stuck in Absorb mode (working MPPT is in Bulk)

Been working perfectly for months and was fine until about 5 minutes after load shedding kicked in at 11am (don’t believe that has anything to do with it though?)

Swapped out with spare - no change, same situation

The only other thing I can think of is I did firmware updates yesterday at 10am on Cerbo GX to V2.93 (Large) and Quattro to V502 - Behaved 100% yesterday after updates.

Reset entire system after load shedding - no difference.

Any thoughts appreciated, thanks

Look under the “Networked Operation” section on Venus, what are the voltage and current limits sent to it.

But you say it is stuck in absorb while not doing any current? First thing to check is a blown fuse.

Hi @plonkster, thanks for the tip, was a blown “fuse” - actually 1 leg on a DC Breaker had died… ??? :thinking:

Replaced and all peachy again, thanks

Whenever you have two different components in a system report different voltages, you can be 90% sure one of them is not connected to the other. That’s why I like having multiple voltage sources in a system (eg solar charger, battery, multi). The odd one out probably has a blown fuse.

There’s actually an alarm built in for LG batteries. If the battery voltage differs greatly from the Multi’s voltage for too long, it raises an alarm for a tripped breaker :slight_smile: