Mecer 2400VA Inverter & Pylontech UP2500 2.84kWh 24V battery

Item (inverter): Mecer 2400VA Solar Inverter
Item (battery): Pylontech UP2500 2.84kWh 24V battery

Age: 2 Years (order 27-02-2020) from Farmability
Condition: Good and happy
Location: East London
Shipping: Your risk

Inverter: R1,500
Battery: R12,000 (with pylontech cables included)

Reason for selling: Upgrading to full solar powered home 48V system on Monday, don’t need desktop backup power anymore. It was purely used for home office desktop PC during load shedding

Still available

Hi, is this a pure sine wave inverter?

According to Mecer:

" The 2400VA converts DC power into modified sine wave AC power . With 1440 Watt continuous output and compact design, the unit is ideal for running TVs, Stereos, Laptop and Desktop computers and many other home appliances"

Self-deleted. Modified Sine wave.

Those smaller 12V and 24V units are high frequency modified sine-wave inverters. I tested the 1200VA one here.

Edit: Let me just add, at the price listed here for the inverter, it is a good deal. I mean, yes, it is not a very high class inverter… but I’ve seen some of them kicking around for many years. They are quite durable… and who cares if it blows up. They are cheap :slight_smile:

Agree with it all.

Will be used to run fridge/freezer during LS.

It is still available