Installer Prices

Hey man! My swak hart het nounet eers tot ruste gekom! :crazy_face:

Well, the battery imbalance was noted, and fixed … now we need to fix this for the “Critical Wattage” problem for you too.

I think I can manage this myself thank you :rofl:

By the way…

I’ve been training the wife for quite a while now when we started this journey. She is even assisting at her work place in giving advice with regards to their solar system (also Victron)

But…she has not yet noticed that the gaping hole at the batteries had been filled, nor did she notice that the batteries take longer to run down and not as far as usual during the night. :rofl:

I was not supposed to by this 4th one, so thought I’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission.

I want to see how long it lasts before she realizes lol!