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Hi Guys,

We have finally completed the long-awaited SMH (Solar Management Hub). This post would be waaayyy too big if I wanted to post all the pictures, screenshots, etc, so I thought I’ll just post the PDF with everything compressed a bit more.

Any feedback would be appreciated!



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Man… SMH is also a social media acronym for “shaking my head”, used when someone does something really dumb. So when I read the title, I honestly thought this was going somewhere else… :wink:


lol, aparently I am too old to know that… hahaha! Too late to change it now though… lol!

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My 2cents …

A BMS interface for the Victron Venus, or Rpi Venus, one of the core value adds, all thanks to @Louisvdw efforts.
The other core value is HomeAssistant integrations with Victron.
And overall, Victron support!!!

We also buy 280ah EVE cells in bulk to go for 18 x ±3.4v cells in series, thanks to @Phil.g00 suggestion, all because Victron can do that.

My point being … Victron is the common thread on this forum. :wink:

Use it, or not … for I promised not to cause “drama”, and I “Victron” won’t. :laughing:


We’re not going to draw lines in the sand. Everyone is welcome as far as I am concerned. There is a more ingrained core here than just the hardware. Far more people this side are into home automation and IoT stuff. We’re a far more technical bunch. We bolster our arguments with math.

When we started this little endeavour, the idea was that it should remain independent. It should not be sponsored by any particular store, you should never be muzzled because you dared to recommend an installer OTHER than the software overlords. Or in other words, it should be more of a 4x4 forum type environment, where like-minded people meet. Sure, my Hilux beats your KIA, but we both like the outdoors :slight_smile:

Also, there is something else I must say, and that has to do with costs. I am going to let you in on a little secret: This forum is super cheap to run. The other place, where many of us formerly met, often related stories of thousands per month that was invested, money the investors naturally want back. This one runs off a super cheap virtual server with all open-source software (which turns out to be the exact software used by the HomeAssistant forums… so it was a good pick). And there is a reason for this: The moment money gets involved, expectations get involved, and soon the virtual fists are flying.

So excuse me for using this opportunity, but it needs to be said. And the best thing to do, to keep the nice technical core intact… is to post the things you are doing!

I must say, reading what you guys are up to every morning… one of the highlights of my day.


Maybe this thread could be more appropriate in Marketplace though… My 2c

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I decided to use the Rands stronger position and made a little bit bigger payment than normal. That payment should cover us for the next 2 years.

Very well priced…


Thanks @JacoDeJongh
We appreciate the forum and understand you cover the cost!!


Not a problem, its really nothing, its so dirt cheap my primary school kid can cover the cost from her monthly allowance.

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The threat I see is not so much loyalty to the overlords but what typically the intention of the site owners have in mind. This forum has zero advertising. Compare this to MyBroadband which assaults your senses in every way it can: banners on both sides of the page etc. This is clearly so they can sell advertising and eventually have such a large following they can sell it for a fortune.
However I avoid this site due to the drivel that people write but that obviously isn’t a problem for the owners

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Their model is very different. Another site with that same model is MoneyWeb. They allow paid-for articles to be published. As I recall, it costs about 20k or so to be published. Many of these articles are thinly veiled advertisements for the company that writes it (as you would expect of course). The only thing to tip you off that this is not in fact a news story (written by at least an half-arsed journalist) is a small line of print at the bottom that says…

Brought to you by <advertiser>.

Moneyweb does not endorse any product or service being advertised in sponsored articles on our platform.

As an example, I asked a friend of mine about this article, which is really just a paid-for ad for coinbase, and with a 1.85% transaction overhead there’s little chance of consistently making 2% gains on every transaction… :slight_smile: