How would you rate the Solis 6k Hybrid inverter?

I might be in the market for a new Inverter ( Uncle Lightning got a hold of me and I am awaiting to find the extend of the damage).
Looking at the Solis 6K inverter the Price / Features are looking quite impressive and I have yet to hear anything bad (Apart from the App that might be a bit tricky).

Yes I do know that it is not Victron but why should I not look around :slight_smile: .

I am pretty sure that the Victron survived, the GX is the problem imo… I predict you would remain in the blue team…

Thats my hope as well. But I am waiting for the report… Living out here in the sticks makes for interesting times when things go wrong. I found a tech that can test and report but now he is three days late , guess I should blame it on the Long weekend.

Any news on the testing?

Funny you should aske , I got the results back. The Venus got damaged but the inverters are ok , @JacoDeJongh you can beat experience !

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You meant to say … you CANT beat experience!. :wink:

TTT , did I maybe miss n a T?


Yeah TTT took all of them…


And all the experience!

" Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward." Vernon Law


I had a teacher who used to joke about my long name (I have three initials) saying that I took the whole alphabet.

Ek gaan my Ma se … en onthou, dat Ma Baker en haar twee seuns by name van Bob’s yer Uncle en sy broer, Uncle Murphy, is bang vir my Ma … so watch it ne! :laughing: