For Sale: LBSA DALY 100A 15S/16S 48V LiFePO4 Smart BMS

Item: LBSA DALY 100A 15S/16S 48V LiFePO4 Smart BMS. Includes UART and power button

Age: Practically brand new

Price: R1700 (new they are R2614.95 !)

Payment Method Accepted: Cash or EFT

Warranty: No

Condition: Excellent - 100% working order

Location: Near Eastgate Shopping Centre, Jhb

Reason: Installed it fine on a reclaimed Pylontech US2000 battery which had a blown BMS due to lightning strike. I never put it into use but occasionally checked cell voltages using the phone app until I saw one of the Pylontech cells had dropped voltage ![:slightly_frowning_face:] (All the cells in the entire pack are bulging which I assume was caused by over-charging when the original Pylontech BMS blew) In itself bulging cells are acceptable but this one cell is kaput rendering the 15S pack useless.

I want to get a LBSA Daly 8S or 4S SmartBMS in order to use the remaining cells which seem to be OK (so far !)

Shipping: Sure at your cost and risk

Packaging: If shipping I will pack very securely

Collection: Preferred

Link (

Price bump - R1600

Price drop R1500 !