Exciting times: Load shedding and a rainy day!

When our grid failed spectacularly in 2008 I thought this wasn’t going to be the first and last time. So I applied myself to the huge opportunity this presented which was to assist Jan Publiek survive these periods.
As one of these vendors when the grid is up you never hear from your customers. However when we have conditions like these then the phone doesn’t stop ringing :smiley:

Oh yes. The same is true of Air conditioners. If we had any sense, we’d have those installed in winter, and negotiate a discount. Is that what we do? No, of course not. We call the guy in February and pay premium prices :slight_smile:

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And like Lifepo4 cells.
When you have them, no one wants them.
But o boy, let there be LS … then there is no stock.

I had a pal who worked for one of the big SLA suppliers. They ship (not fly) containers of these to SA. And yes, when LS rears it’s ugly head they get swamped by customers desperate to replace their dead batteries.
He referred to them being the ‘Lord of the Flies’ during these times.