Continental Solar (PTY) LTD

Most of you must have seen my Auto reply on my Whatsapp, making mention of Continental Solar as well as Go-Solar Electrical.

Well most of my time and energy the last 6 months were spend in Continental Solar, a division of Continental Cables. We were so busy the last 6 months with identifying new products and suppliers to ensure we are not held hostage by the current shortage of stock in SA.

We flew all over to investigate products and sign deals. After 6 months plus of work we are almost ready to offer the full solution. To be honest, we already have the full solution listed, but are currently awaiting panels from overseas. We gave the go-ahead on our site and online store building so soon everybody will have access to our online shop with true availability of all the stock available to the customers.

We currently have branches in Alrode JHB, Centurion, Nelspruit and Durban with plans for George and maybe Cape Town soon after.

I will gradually post the products that we decided to partner with as stock becomes available.

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Let me first tell you about INVT. A new inverter range with some nice functionality and a DIRECT-EXCHANGE warranty.

Continental Solar’s New INVT Range Inverters.pdf (324.7 KB)

Second Post for today.

We have decided to go with this railing system. We brought a small order to test them and I gave them to my installers to test. Brilliant quality and so easy to work with. Very well priced and caters for any roof imaginable. Even the installers buying from us quickly identified this product as their favourite. My 1st 40 foot container was delivered to our warehouse on Friday.

Lumasol.pdf (1.1 MB)

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The 5-year exchange warranty, does it follow the device or only the first invoice?

Asking because that would open up a huge 2nd hand market.

Follows From first sale.

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These look good.

Where can we get more details from?

Any plans to bring in bigger units? I really like the 4 mppt on the 8 kw and if this was a 10/ 12 kw unit, I’d be able to replace my 2x 5kw Sunsynk’s with 1 unit and be able to connect my 4x strings.

How about compatibility / comms with other lithium batteries. Is it already done or any plans.

If paralleling, is there any issues with running a generator as well. On the sunsynk, we cannot use the generator input if we have paralell inverters.

Yes 15kw three phase, 15 kw single phase and a few more of their products.

Coms with all know brands tested, Pylon, BLS ext. Pretty standard protocol.

I have tested the 8 kw with multiple battery’s and it reacts to the CCL and DCL perfectly.

No customised settings for lithium, it gets the commands for CCL and DCL as well as charge voltage from the BMS. If BMS comms fails, the unit will switch off within 10 seconds.


Discussed this in a meeting with them today, will have clarity soon.

just check the pdf → use of “build in” - should be “built-in”. Also, “batterys” should be “batteries”. :face_with_monocle:

Request as a curious consumer, please have warranty docs etc. easily available/accessible on the site when it goes online.


The 8kW inverter looks exactly like this one:

Have you installed and tested any of them yet?

Hi, this is not a new product, its got a good reputation in Europe and Australia with a failure rate of under one percent. We just partnered with one of the top 3 Distributers to introduce the product to the South African Market. They have done their tests and I installed one and tried to make it fall over… so far I am impressed with its performance.

Thanks, maybe i can hire you to check my future documents, I am terrible with things like that.

Meaning one cannot connect a DIY battery bank to them?

You can if the coms protocol is correct. If not, you deselect the lithium function and and it wont look for the BMS. You can then use custom voltage and current settings for the battery.

This is a good point Jaco. This is obviously out of China and documentation should really be reviewed / updated before it is released to local market otherwise it’s just a repeat of what happened with sunsynk.

When sunsynk launched, I also mentioned this to Keith the ceo but this was not really important to them at the time. I pick up on the chinglish pretty well as I work with Chinese.

Another question, do you know if this inverter is able to expose the registries via modbus. From what I found, it seems like they make use of solarman for reporting so probably they will also be faced with the same 5-8 minute challenge that sunsynk had.

Here is the Datasheets.

INVT BD3_8KTL-RL1-1 Catalogue (3).pdf (1.3 MB)
Lithium Valley LV-BAT-5kwh 10kwh Wall Mount EU Datasheet (3).pdf (1011.1 KB)

They already had their own app but grew so fast that they quickly ran out of cloud space and processing power. They dropped back to Solarman Business for installers and Solarman Smart for Customers with limited privileges.

Their own dongle is already in the warehouse, they are setting up new servers rooms to handle all the data and their own platform should be up and running in the next couple of months.

Saw this on Will Prowse, he was not impressed with the firmware, but I think his issues stemmed from trying to run on Voltage based settings. It sounded to me like this is a copy of the Deye inverter as I recognise all the modes and settings.

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